Vienna wastewater plant energy overhaul begins

Vienna wastewater plant energy overhaul begins

AUSTRIA: Biogas project will make major energy-consuming facility self sufficient

Municipality-owned Ebswien Gruppe has this week started work on a €250m redevelopment of Vienna’s largest wastewater treatment facility that will make the major energy-consuming plant self sufficient.

The Hauptkläranlage Wien facility processes 1.8 million tonnes of sewage per year. It currently dries then incinerates sludge in a fluidised bed system. It does not produce any energy and accounts for 1% of all Vienna’s energy consumption.

Now, six 30 metre-high digesters are being installed, each with 75,000 cubic metres capacity. Biogas these will produce will be used to generate sufficient electricity to power the entire sewage works.

Vienna’s mayor, Michael Häupl, who laid a foundation stone to mark the start of the work, said the city was setting new standards and becoming an international role model.

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