Croatia: The first energy independent schools in the world

Croatia: The first energy independent schools in the world

Elementary School in Kastel Luksic generating electricity from the sun and earns by selling local dealer.

Elementary school “Ostrog” in Kastel Luksic near Split is the first energy independent school in Croatia and the world. Not only do they produce electricity, but also earn on it, and devise new environmental projects.

Photovoltaic power plant of 25 kilowatts is located on the roof of educational institution. Shyly several years ago in Kastel Luksic started putting solar panels, now they produce energy from the sun and save money. They are the first energy-independent school in Croatia and in the world.

“We have in this way expelled certain portion energy sources. I hope we will get rid of them completely,” says Nevenka Maras, director of elementary school “Ostrog”.

Thanks to the project, worth 70,000 euros, they have introduced the “ice” lighting. Part of the model of co-financing, which they must pay back another three years. Half of the money they collected through donations, mostly through international sites for crowdfunding. The idea that came to life they are proud of – except energy independence, something else is important to them.

“In school they realized their plans. They are producing electricity for their own needs. Surpluses is sold to local dealer, who returns it to the network. And school earns,” reports Al Jazeera reporter Boris Gagić.

Ten thousand euros earnings a year using the the company Proenergy. And it is not surprising that many are interested in the school business recipe in securing money for the project, not only in Croatia.

“More and more European schools, from the wealthy European countries are interested in the way because they want to copy our model of financing”, says the director of Maras.

Environmentalists are trying to make a model with a school in the use of the Dalmatian sun for energy spread in the area.

“The goal is to create a smaller panel that provides better energy, also to the north sun gives energy”, explains Anthony Ugrina from the Energy Cooperative castle.

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