Energy efficiency against energy poverty

Energy efficiency against energy poverty

In Brussels, 01.06. conference was held about energy poverty in South-Eastern Europe, which was attended by the acting Director of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Ljubomir Majdandžić. The aim of the conference, which brought together over 60 participants was to draw attention to the professional community, key stakeholders and the interested public on the specificities of the EU and the weight of the energy poverty in our region.

In fact, it is estimated that more than 30% of households Southeast Europe energy poverty and the problem of energy poverty directly affects other aspects of life of citizens who are exposed to it, such as the physical and psychological health. It is therefore a clear need for the creation of national programs to deal with these topics, conclude the project partners REACH, in which it is organized today’s conference.

“Energy poverty is present in all member states of the EU, and especially prominent in Southeast Europe. The European Parliament therefore called on Member States to adopt a moratorium on off heating in the winter to ensure that at a certain time during the winter households are not be excluded of energy networks. “said Davor Škrlec, Croatian representative in the European Parliament. Parliament has in the last three months adopted two resolutions which calls on the Member States and the European Commission to the harmonization of definitions of energy poverty, amending Directive on energy efficiency and the Directive on renewable energy sources and implementation of the Action Plan for Energy Union, sustainable approaches to solving the problem of energy poverty.

“I believe that promoting energy efficiency has a direct impact on reducing energy poverty. Features and technologies that are available today should provide energy to all who need it, and it is necessary to ensure the appropriate education. “Said on this occasion Majdandžić. “The Fund has so far already co-financed projects such as the REACH project Association DOOR or project energy consultant who is with us spending United Nations Development Programme. The results of these projects are an excellent foundation for future elaboration of the national program, and I believe that in its implementation to be included and the Fund, as a key institution dealing with training and financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy. “

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