An application that teaches kids about choosing sustainable food

An application that teaches kids about choosing sustainable food

Learning about sustainability began to be practiced within the school teachers, and recently also includes a single application. So they believe scientists at the University of Illinois who developed a program that teaches children about choosing sustainable food, that is food with the smallest carbon footprint.

Children aged 7 or 8 years, the researchers explains , can not check the car model parents are buying, whether it is more or less polluting and whether they are in their homes adopted energy efficiency measures. However, children have something to say when eating, what they want, and which will not eat. Therefore, the idea developed that teaches children about sustainable foods and eating habits in order to reduce its impact on climate change through diet.

The application is called “Food for thought”, and the aim is to show young people how their food choices affect the planet, especially in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Students through the touch panel choosing foods that will end up on their plates. Once elected them, the application displays the nutritional information of meals, but also the CO2 emissions associated with each component and the total meal. Thus, children can learn to salad or hamburger not only differ in terms of calories, but also for example in an amount of water used in their manufacture.

For now, the application is part of an internal project of scientific laboratories at the University of Illinois, but feedback from schools that have used the application are very positive, and the researchers hope that this software will soon be available in all schools across the United States.

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