Any investment in ecological development provides new jobs

Any investment in ecological development provides new jobs

Resident Coordinator of the United Nations (UN) and the Resident Representative of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sezin Sinanoglu said that any investment in biomass as a renewable energy helps reduce carbon emissions, which is a way of combating climate change. In addition, she stated that the additional benefits for BiH that it will in this way fulfill part of their obligations in terms of EU accession.

It was said during the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding of the UNDP and the Czech Development Agency for Employment Project and secure energy supply using biomass, which took place today in Sarajevo.

Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Bosnia and Herzegovina Jakub Skalnik said that the aim of the project analysis and definition of the ways in which it can use biomass to generate electricity, stressing that in this way to achieve energy savings and money that people need to pay for electricity energy, and in addition, will open new jobs.

He recalled that BiH has great potential for the use of biomass, bearing in mind that 53 percent of its territory covered by forests, so that BiH is fertile ground for new, renewable energy sources such as the use of wood pellets.

He noted that the use of biomass for BiH is the same potential as the use of geothermal energy in Iceland.

It is also recalled that the Czech Republic has a lot of experience in the use of alternative energy sources and for which binds reduced emissions and expressed satisfaction that his experience and expertise to share with its partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sinanoglu said that the total value of the project amounts to almost EUR 900,000, of which the Czech Development Agency participated with around 500,000 euros.

As she pointed out, another important aspect of this project is that each type of investment in ecological development provides new jobs.

– Studies have shown that the investment of millions of dollars in so-called “green jobs”, ie jobs that are more environmentally friendly, creating 100 new jobs, which is vital for a country where 63 percent of young people are unemployed – said UN Resident Coordinator and resident Representative of UNDP.

Sinanoglu is also of the opinion that investing in green economy and investing in green industry, which is a modern industry and that it would help BiH to develop value chains, systems supply and demand, as well as the potential to export new products to market Over Sea.

– This will lead not only to job creation but will also help the country’s economy – said.

Also, she added, investment in alternative and renewable energy helps reduce costs, and achieving savings for households and the public sector, so that the proceeds of the savings can be used for other aspects of social development, such as investment in education and health facilities or any long activities where there are insufficient funds.

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