Banja Luka: The collapse of the oldest hydropower plant in the Balkans

Banja Luka: The collapse of the oldest hydropower plant in the Balkans

The oldest hydropower plant in the Balkans collapse. Since no old suspension bridge at Vitaminka, travelers are increasingly passing by old and dilapidated buildings. Many do not know that it is in Banja Luka, thanks to this place, the first time she planted bulbs. The images show that the whole place looked like a castle from a fairy tale.

A place that once illuminated the city on the Vrbas, today is completely in the dark, but many people do not even know the history of this building, which is located in Trappist, marked only with Slatinska first

Unfortunately, it is not in operation for fifty years. All merits of its construction in 1899 belong to the monks of the Franciscan monastery of Trappist monks, after which it banjalučka village got its name.

“Grade dam, the first timber. When they saw that the turbine is too small, then buy stronger turbine of 300 horsepower. After that, the city has already started to get electricity and metropolitan environment. This dam is unfortunately broke in 1913, but the Trappists built after that concrete barrier, “said Ivica Bozinovic, a professor of history of religions.

No there is nothing better picture. The rusted remains of turbines, beer bottles and secretions. In “Elektrokrajina” say that there was an idea to hydropower converted into a museum.

“That would be a museum permanent exhibition, all the equipment and devices that showed the beginning elektrizacije in this area. These are some ideas, but the authorities ‘Elektrokrajina’ will in future to consider and next year we will be able to give more details, “said Predrag Klincov, spokesman” Elektrokrajina “Banjaluka.

While not consider the idea and do not get the necessary permits from the authorities, at the time of reconstruction, the building will continue to attract attention at least to their unsightly appearance.

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