BEEP Project: More Than 10 000 Children In Warm Classrooms

BEEP Project: More Than 10 000 Children In Warm Classrooms

This is a story of success that has been achieved in the past year through the implementation of the energy efficiency project. This is the largest energy efficiency project in B&H (BEEP – Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project). A great number of energy efficiency measures have been implemented during 2016 with the reconstruction of public health and education facilities in the Federation of B&H.

Within the framework of this project, energy efficient measures were implemented in 18 public facilities in the Federation of B&H. The reconstruction included primary schools, high schools, medical centres and clinical centres from the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton and Canton Sarajevo. After the implementation of measures for the rational use of energy, the project, worth more than 10,536,715.65 BAM, will result in an estimated annual savings of 1.562.920 KM.


The BEEP Project (Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project) is a positive example of the use of foreign investments towards energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to the efforts of the BEEP project, during 2016 more comfortable and higher quality work conditions were created for teachers and pupils in 13 schools in the Federation of B&H. The reconstruction of schools allowed for more than 10,000 children to continue their education in warmer classrooms. Energy efficient measures were also successfully implemented in six health facilities in the Federation of B&H, three of which were clinical centres in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar.


The BEEP project’s activities will continue to focus on raising public awareness on the topic of energy efficiency, as well as on continuing to carry out reconstruction projects which will, with the implementation of energy efficient measures, reduce CO2 emissions. This project will also continue to give support to the government in fulfilling the obligations set by the Energy Community Agreement, which has committed to implementing the EU directives that pertain to energy efficiency. The goal is to demonstrate the advantages of energy efficient public sector facilities and to support the development of financing models for implementing energy efficient measures.


Today it is important for every individual to be energy efficient because of its various benefits. Sustainable energy efficiency presents an opportunity for directing our most important users, children. Teaching them about how energy efficient measures can be applied, helps them to create positive habits of smart energy use and results in their contribution to their community from an early age.

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