BH Gas press release

BH Gas press release

BH Gas said he did not halted gas delivery!

As in the last two days in Medias report information about consumers of natural gas were not adequately supplied with natural gas, BH-Gas felt obligated to acquaint people with below given indicators,
Ordered and quantities consumed by consumers:

The above given indicators show that the BH-Gas has been securing greater amounts of natural gas from the ordered quantity by a given consumer.

BH-Gas does not want to wrangle with any consumer or the person who placed negative information but they can not remain silent on, especially being suggested, for example, that Zenica was limited to the supply of natural gas.

BH Gas wanted to once again point out that all the companies in the supply chain and transportation of natural gas, both at home and abroad, making maximum efforts for each consumer is duly equipped with natural gas, especially those consumers who have no alternative.

In the end we have to ask: What kind of games are played here? Why Toplane switch to heating oil if they are getting enough of natural gas?

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