BiH companies will build a power grid and a hydropower plant in Indonesia

BiH companies will build a power grid and a hydropower plant in Indonesia

Indonesia plans to implement large-scale development projects, such as the security of electricity in our region of Sumatra, and the realization of this and other projects will be hired BiH companies, announced in a statement for "Avaz" Ambassador of Indonesia in BiH Amelia Ahmad Jani (Achmad Yani Amelia ).

She explained that, among other things, a project in which will be built electric grid, a distance of about 1,000 kilometers, and will most likely in the same region to be built and hydro plants, which will also be done by BiH experts.

– Also, we are considering and constructing solar power plants, but it is not yet sure. In October, BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegović will visit Indonesia and in the framework of the visit will sign an official agreement because it is signed only a memorandum of understanding between BiH and Indonesia. All of these projects should be done by BiH state companies – said Jani.

Jani added that the month before the Government of the Republic of Indonesia abolished visas for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as another 169 countries around the world.

– In this way we wanted to remove all the restrictions that existed for the development of the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Indonesia. Busily working to improve economic relations, but our president has appointed a special envoy who attended the 7th Sarajevo Business Forum – said Jani.

Expert staff

He believes that BiH has a good and professional technological personnel missing Indonesia.

– That is why Indonesia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will soon have a significant share, especially when it comes to energy and hydropower. We intend to buy coffee and milk from BiH, because we are satisfied with the quality. What is particularly significant for us is that BiH has developed a dedicated industry and Indonesia interested in the purchase of arms from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have a large army with significant needs – announced Jani.

Indonesia has significant capacities

– Indonesia and Yugoslavia had a very good relationship and a strong spiritual connection. After the war in Yugoslavia, these relations were frozen, and Indonesia fell into a very deep economic crisis but was not able to help the development of BiH. Indonesia now under new management is quite different state, which has significant capacities. Our economy after the crisis substantially recovered and recorded a growth of 5.4 percent annually, and our goal is to achieve growth of seven percent – concluded Jani.

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