Bosnia and Herzegovina has not fulfilled obligations agreed with the Energy Community – RS more advanced than the FBiH in the field of energy efficiency

Bosnia and Herzegovina has not fulfilled obligations agreed with the Energy Community – RS more advanced than the FBiH in the field of energy efficiency

BiH has failed to meet any of what was agreed with the Energy Community, said on 12 December 2016 in Sarajevo Janez digger, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, who resides in BiH, underlining that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina brakeman these changes.

He noted that the area of energy efficiency issue in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as opposed to the Republic of Serbian.

– RS is in this case a lot more advanced, but in FBiH the law on energy efficiency just seams never to be adopted in the Parliament of FBiH – said digger.

He points out that this year was eight meetings with three Ministers to complete work on the Law on the market for electricity and gas in BiH, that is quite close to the final text, but that is, in his words, the problem always was under the jurisdiction of state regulators .

– I think we’re close, as far as gas and electricity – said digger, and stressed that nothing has changed in the area of oil stocks.

He points out that was a good thing that the BiH has opened its market balancing services in the electricity, and that is now for being the first in the region. However, in the field of gas is not passed neither the first nor the second energy package.

Digger had a meeting with the relevant ministers at the state and entity levels to which, primarily, discussed environmental protection.

– The EU has 200 Directive on Environmental Protection, and Energy Union of seven, which is pulled out of the 200 directives to be transposed in the legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – said after the meeting Srebrenka Golic, Minister for Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology.

Diggers informed about the directives that the RS has included in its legislation, pointing out that in BiH there is no entity body, which meets at least once a month, but also to protect environment under the direct jurisdiction entities.

– When it comes to the strategic assessment of environmental protection, I met Digger that in our legislation transposed 100%. When it comes to large combustion plants, some directives are transposed about 50% and we are constantly adapting our legislation the EU directives – said Golic, who Kopača informed and that the RS adopted a national plan for adaptation of large combustion plants, specifically thermal power plants Ugljevik and Gacko, with aimed at reducing air pollution to a minimum, with the dates of the end of 2017.

– You can not ask us to get some things resolved overnight. We must take into account that our economy function smoothly – said Golic.

Edita Dapo, Minister of Environment and Tourism, stated that was discussed the mutual understanding of actors with the problems in BiH in connection with the environment. She confirmed that BiH must respect the guidelines and directives of the Energy Community, as well as in the preparation of a major ministerial meeting on the subject at the regional level.

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