Waiting for the main design and building permit for HPP Vranduk

Waiting for the main design and building permit for HPP Vranduk

At the construction site Vranduk in progress is a intensive construction of the auxiliary building structure (cofferdam) in the region of the dam, due to which the flow of the river Bosna to be routed and thus created the conditions for future excavation of the dam foundation, announced the Elektroprivreda BiH.

Construction of the auxiliary building is carried out as planned execution of preparatory work, and in Skop overall program of implementation of the project, which goes on schedule defined by the agreement on the construction of HPP Vranduk concluded with the contractor Strabag AG SE / Koncar.

According to the contract, the contractor is obliged creating documents Main, detailed and as-built design, then delivery of equipment, construction works and equipment installation, and commissioning of HPP into operation.

During the final phase of creating the main project, whose completion and delivery of the audit, according to the actual implementation of the program, scheduled on 4 November 2016. Parallel running preparatory works according to a preliminary approval for the construction of HPP Vranduk.

Once you have done the research and all necessary measurements for the purpose of completion of the main project, during the second stage of preparation, which includes cleaning the land in the project area, construction of access roads and the building site of the plateau, and the construction of bulkheads defend the first phase. All project activities are carried out and monitored by licensed companies and supervisory authorities. In the previous phase are not registered serious difficulties in implementation.

Once on the basis of audited major projects are obtained building permits, which is planned by mid-February 2017, will begin work on the tunnel, the entrance building, defending and the main operators. The planned completion date, or the release of HE Vradnuk-up, on 11 November 2019, said in the statement vowed.

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