Clash of of the RS Government and the competent committee of the mine and thermal power plant “Ugljevik” because of the division of directors chairs

Clash of of the RS Government and the competent committee of the mine and thermal power plant “Ugljevik” because of the division of directors chairs

The RS government ordered the urgent scheduling extraordinary assembly meeting of shareholders of the Mine and Thermal Power Plant "Ugljevik" with the aim of removal of the President and two members of the Supervisory Board of the company, because, as explained, the executive director of TPP named the second-ranked candidate.

At an extraordinary meeting of shareholders, scheduled for July 21, should be dismissed chairman Dragisa Maksimovic and members Borivoje Vujacic and Miladin Gavric.

Conclusion seeking their dismissal Government adopted on 26 May, after accepting the credentials assigned to it even in 2013 made available.

The reasons for the Decision on the dismissal of three members of the competent committee of the mine and power plant appointed in front of the Parent Company “Elektroprivreda RS”, which will be found at a meeting of shareholders, it is stated that they have not been consistently representing the interests of “Elektroprivreda”.

“In particular, the competent committee of the company has ignored the report of the Commission for selection of members of the management companies of 17 May 2016, so it is by him as well as the principles established by the Law on Ministerial, Government and Other Appointments of RS appointed the second-ranked candidate to the Executive Director for Economic – financial affairs, “the decision reads, adding that this was why the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, as the majority owner of capital in TPP” Ugljevik “, imposed emergency scheduling extraordinary assembly meeting of shareholders in order dismissal of the President and board members.

Assembly of shareholders instead of the competent committee, scheduled the court

Problems regarding the functioning of the Supervisory Board of TPP “Ugljevik” last for a long time, and that’s why this meeting is not scheduled a competent committee, but the court.

Director of TPP “Ugljevik” Djordje Popovic told CAPITAL that this tabled on the basis of Decision of the Commercial Court in Bijeljina, at the request of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Djokic considering that the members of NO could not agree on the with the maintenance of their session at which to schedule General Assembly.

He pointed out that the problem arose after the three members of the competent committees appointed by the second-ranked candidate Radu Petričevića executive director for economic – financial affairs instead Milijana Jovanovic, who is from February of that position as Acting and who was the top-ranking after competition .

He explained that the entire administration of the mine and thermal power plant “Ugljevik” changed in February this year and that they were in East mandate, after which he carried out the application procedures and all of them were appointed to director and executive directors except Jovanovic who is now located in East term, while the decision of NO on the appointment of another candidate to the function of the court.

“The court will decide whether the competent committee acted legally or not when he appointed the second-ranked candidate for chief executive, and did not have a rational explanation for it. Jovanovic, who was ranked first, will be acting until the conclusion of court proceedings, “said Popovic.

He pointed out that the very questionable and that for this function ran and a member of the relevant committee Miladin Gavric who is on the list was the third-ranked.

“This is, in my opinion, was a huge conflict of interest,” said Popovic.

He said that the Director may, in accordance with statutory authority and if it considers that the decision of some of the managing companies is illegal to return a document that authority to reconsider it within 30 days, which he did.

“Given the fact that the competent committee has failed to meet in the last two months, I have instructed Court to review the legality of their decisions. Until this process is complete, according to our statutes, the executive director remains the one who has been so far, “said Popovic.

Comment members of the competent committee today we have not been able to get.

Otherwise, the RS government is still 2013, requested the directors, their deputies and executive directors of public companies, funds, institutions, governments and public institutions and agencies to make available to the Government of its mandate, and this is one of the rare cases when this is mandates and accepted.

Although the government then announced and analysis of the situation in these companies and institutions to present to the public are not aware of any results of these analyzes.

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