Collapsible houses from Croatia for which you do not need a building permit

Collapsible houses from Croatia for which you do not need a building permit

SMO is a folding mobile facility that is completely energy-autonomous and thereby excellent interior designed.

If you do not hold a place and you do not want to live always in the same location, you are an ideal candidate for such a house. SMO is actually ideal for the weekend, because the truck can be placed wherever you want. Unloading the truck and almost immediately be used. It should only take a few minutes to closed home plate hydraulic open and she almost immediately be used.

For WE do not need electricity, water and sewerage. Photovoltaic panels produce electricity and solar collector heats the hot water in a 150 liter tank, and if necessary, water is further heated facade gas boiler. WE collects rainwater from the flat roof which preprethodno roughly cleared, and then over petoslojnog filter turns into drinking water.

Waste water (shower) are taken in 40-liter stainless steel tank and used for private flush toilet bowl. Effluent and sewage through the crusher are stored in polyethylene biological device based on active sludge. The oxidation of waste water is performed by adding air using a compressor and thus pospiješuje purification of organic things aerobic microorganisms.

You do not have to wield no plot. Rather than invest money for building land, the land can be rented, for example in the camp, and you will not pay anything extra for electricity and water. When you after a while the same beach, same restaurants and the same neighbors boredom, the house is simply sets and transported to another location.

House is produced in Croatia and its price depends on the equipment and sizes. Together with solar and photovoltaic panels, rainwater filtration system, system decomposition and filtering of waste water and sewage systems as well as with parquet flooring, complete furniture, wooden facade coating and hydraulics, this house would cost about 1,300 euros per square meter. If you are willing to give up autonomy, the price of square meters falls to 800 euros.

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