Coming to an end the project of warming up of 15 schools and health centers in FBiH

Coming to an end the project of warming up of 15 schools and health centers in FBiH

By setting thermal facade, replacing windows, thermo-insulating the roofs and improving heating systems, by the end of the year will be improved living conditions in 15 schools and health care institutions in the Federation, but also will be created the conditions for saving energy and thus money.

All this is carried out through the Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP), of the World Bank, which has approved a loan of 32 million USD for the whole country.

Mustafa Čopelj, project manager for the FBiH, said that of the 23 schools, health centers and hospitals planned for this year work is completed on three hospital clinical centers in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar, which bore million funds, and there is ongoing work at 15 other facilities, while the completion of the remaining five are expected next year.

Included in the project point out that the implementation of measures such as the installation of facades, replacement windows and switching to biomass heating achieves greater comfort in buildings, save energy and money and protect the environment, and it is important for the EU accession process. They add that money returns for up to eight years.

One of the schools that will cost the most money, about 940,000 KM, is the High School of Konjic, where recently started work on the facade, replacement of windows, thermo-insulation of the roof, which was leaking for many years, and the installation of two new boilers on pellets. By visiting this school we were told it would for one season return the funds through the measures being carried out in the boiler room.

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