Contract signed for reducing energy consumption in public buildings

Contract signed for reducing energy consumption in public buildings

In Sarajevo today an agreement on co-financing of programs and projects in the field of energy efficiency for 2017, as part of the "Green Economic Development 2014-2018" between the UN Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation. The contract was signed by the UN Resident Coordinator and Representative of the UN Development Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sezin Sinanoglu and Director of the Environmental Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fuad Čibukčić.

Contract worth 1,070,750 KM refers to the continuation of activities in the fourth year of a five-year program “GED – Green Economic Development – Strengthening the capacity and reduce energy costs in the public sector FBiH increasing energy efficiency, energy management and reduction of emissions into the air.” The total current value of the contract amounts to 5,811,877 KM.

The aim of the project “Green Economic Development” is a better way to manage energy consumption within the building of the public sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina (educational, health, cultural, municipal and entity / state institutions, etc.).

This should be done in accordance with the guidelines of the European Union, according to the Energy Community Treaty and the commitment of Bosnia and Herzegovina to report on energy consumption and energy savings, and in accordance with the action plan for energy efficiency.

Currently, as quoted in UNDP, local authorities and relevant ministries do not have sufficient human and financial resources to carry out these activities. Country BiH spends about 20% of its GDP on energy, which is three times more than in the countries of the European Union and the United States.

The budget for this purpose allocate significant funds, which represent a large share of already inadequate public budget. S eaktivnosti should help to reduce the spending of public money on energy and water consumption (by increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources) and provide a favorable environment for investment in infrastructure, energy efficiency measures, while creating “green jobs”.

In the period from 2013 to the end of 2016, in the context of this program, all co-financiers (the Fund, UNDP, SIDA, cantons, municipalities and end users) for this purpose have earmarked more than 23 million.

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