Contracts signed for the restoration of seven public buildings in HNC-in

Contracts signed for the restoration of seven public buildings in HNC-in

Federal Minister of Physical Planning Josip Martic and representatives of companies Jenna Ltd. Gradacac and Promark / Alfatherm Mostar signed today in Mostar contracts which begins implementation of energy efficiency measures to a total of seven public buildings in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC), announced the Government of HNC's.

The company Promark / Alfatherm Mostar signed a contract in the amount of 3,146,882.18 KM for the restoration of Central school building JurajDalmatinac and JU IV Elementary School Mostar, Primary School Fr. Didaka Buntića in Citluk, secondary school and primary school in Capljina the duck, while the company Jenna Ltd. Gradačac signed contract for the reconstruction of Secondary School of Konjic and Jablanica Health Centre in the amount of 1,143,710, 75 KM.

“With this project, for which the government, even though the objects are owned by local governments, in this and the next year set aside 9 million KM secured by a World Bank loan under the most favorable market conditions, will be restored openings, placement of thermofacade, repaired roofs and floors, and done modification of heating and lighting in seven public institutions in HNCin, “said the Prime Minister of HNC‘s Nevenko Herceg who njazočio signing of the contract.

In this way, he said, will improve the conditions for children within schools and patients in health institutions, and contribute to savings in energy costs of 750,000 KM per year, protecting the environment and contribute to the visual appearance of the surroundings in which the facilities are located.

“Today, we signed contracts with selected contractors, we are pleased to say that the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning and Implementation Unit of the project fulfilled the promise made in April on the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. Of course, grateful to the representatives of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton as well the users who recognized the importance of this project and invested great efforts to officially launch this project right now, “said federal Minister Martic.

Herceg and Martic minister voiced hope that it will select contractors to justify the trust and quality to complete the works for three or four months so that students and patients welcome the heating season in the renewed facilities, the statement said.

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