Dodik announces construction of a new thermal power plant in Gacko

Dodik announces construction of a new thermal power plant in Gacko

The President of the Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik said in Smederevo, he will in the next few months travel to China, which will be an opportunity to define all segments of the agreement reached in Belgrade with representatives of Chinese companies that will participate in some of the infrastructure projects in Serbian republic.

Dodik said that he was honored to meet with President of China Xi Jinping and had been impressed by the fact that he is informed about projects that China has in the territory of RS, as well as that the Chinese president encouraged further discussions and cooperation.

He said that Xi Jinping thanked for a successful implementation of the project power plant Stanari, which has already begun to work and for discussions with Chinese partners, which should lead to the construction of new thermal power plant in Gacko, and highways that RS wants to build.

“Xi Jinping is encouraged to cooperate more with Chinese partners and I think he knows the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the Republic of Serbian successfully cooperates with the Chinese,” said Milorad Dodik.

Dodik said that his meeting with Jinping and representatives of the Chinese companies was very important for the Republic of Serbia and its further affirmation.

He recalled that yesterday in Belgrade, was signed a protocol with the Chinese company on the construction of TPP.

“We talked with other Chinese partners – their Development Bank on construction of the highway that the Republic of Serbia needs to join with Serbia, that is shares of the border to Bijeljina and Brcko and the highway from Banja Luka to Prijedor, which are the things that are in stage of finalizing an agreement, “said Dodik.

He confirmed that during the meeting with some members of numerous Chinese delegation was discussion of financial participation of their banks and other business systems on the market of the Republic of Serbian.

“I talked about how to establish a free economic zone modeled on what we see in China, which entails opening a lot of jobs. These are the topics we discussed and finalized in some way,” said RS President.

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