EBRD is preparing a line of credit for the increase of energy efficiency measures

EBRD is preparing a line of credit for the increase of energy efficiency measures

Minister of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology RS Srebrenka Golic talked with the head office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for Bosnia and Herzegovina Ian Brown on measures to increase energy efficiency, as one of the ways for a total reduction in energy consumption.

EBRD is preparing a new favorable credit line to increase the energy efficiency measures in buildings of individual and collective housing, which will be disbursed through commercial banks, and users would be interested community condominium owners whose authorities take decisions on credit obligations, as well as owners of individual dwellings.

Golic pointed out that it is necessary to work on raising public awareness of the importance of increasing energy efficiency measures and that the Ministry is making efforts to citizens present data to any investment in these measures very quickly pays for itself in savings on energy, it was announced from the Entity Ministry of Spatial Planning, construction and ecology of RS.

At the meeting, among others, were discussed and the mandate letter on the operational and financial restructuring “Heating” Banja Luka, which was signed by the EBRD and the City of Banja Luka.

According to representatives of the EBRD, the realization of this project is planned for early next year, and includes investments in modernization, “Heating” and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and as Brown pointed out, the EBRD will help in other important segments of that burden Banja Luka ” heating plant “.

Golic pointed out that solving the problem of Banja Luka “Heating” burning issue, not only in terms of business of the company, but also the quality of delivery of thermal energy.

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