EC enters into negotiations on the gas sector?

EC enters into negotiations on the gas sector?

The European Commission is included in the negotiations on the harmonization of regulations of the gas sector in BiH in line with European standards and the Third Energy Package, confirmed to the "Independent" Mirko Sarovic, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, after marathon negotiations on the matter that were conducted late last week in Brussels.

“In any case, we can say that BiH is on a good way to reach an agreement on the harmonization of the text of the law on gas,” said Sarovic. He explained that the agreement to try to get ahead of a summit of the Energy Community, which will be held in Sarajevo on Thursday and Friday.

Petar Djokic, Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, said that the meeting in Brussels was devoted to the issue of legal regulation of traffic and the flow of natural gas.

“Since 2011, this issue is handled in accordance with European directives and attitudes of the Energy Community, or its Secretariat. This was and was dedicated to meeting the purpose of preparation of the Summit of the Energy Community to be held in Sarajevo,” he told the Independent.

He explained that the Government of the Republic of Slovenia is represented by a principled position that the issue could be resolved, but only in accordance with the constitutional responsibilities in the field of energy.

“Of course, we are aware of their obligations towards membership in the Energy Community and the European directives in this area. BiH is in the sanctions regime since last year and I hope that there are conditions to the Sarajevo summit resolved the question of sanctions or their total elimination, or at least reduce them” said Djokic. He added that the basis for such a procedure of the Energy Community could be progress, if it is there, in finding an agreed solution within BiH. Because of the weekend, we could not get a comment from the European Commission and the EU Delegation in Sarajevo.

The Energy Community have sent us the program and agenda of the summit in Sarajevo. The work plan envisages that sanctions against BiH be extended if it is established that our country did not adopt the European order of the Second Energy Package for the gas sector. If this happens, the sanctions will be extended for a period of one more year.

“The European Union will be invited to suspend financial assistance to projects in the gas sector in BiH,” it said.

It was explained that similar measures be adopted against Serbia, a similar invitation will be sent to the EU in this case. Barbara Pojner, a spokesman for the Energy Community, just told us to be at the summit Georgia could be invited to join the Energy Community Treaty, which would probably be the biggest, a decision which would have repercussions and Europe.

Pojnerova also stated to the summit should be decided on the priorities for new infrastructure projects in the energy sector in Europe, as well as on new legislation in the field of environmental protection.

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