Eco Association: The construction of HPP on the river Krupa should not be even considered

Eco Association: The construction of HPP on the river Krupa should not be even considered

Many experts, as well as employees of the Velebit Nature Park are against the construction of hydroelectric power plants in protected areas, including the construction of small hydropower plants on the river Krupa, in the Zadar area, and believe that institutions should not even consider such requests since investors soon after construction forget taken obligations to protect nature and the environment.

Such are the view in a joint statement presented: International Union for Conservation of Nature – World Wide Fund (WWF Adria), Association BIOM, Eco pan and Croatian Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature.

Environmentalists point out that the river Krupa, the largest tributary of the river canyon and an integral part of the Velebit Nature Park and part of the European ecological network Natura 2000, but the construction of hydroelectric power plants in the protected area had a major impact on the ecology and the natural characteristics of the area placed under domestic and international protection.

Irma Popovic Dujmovic, Project Coordinator at WWF Adria, emphasizes that the surprisingly low quality of environmental studies for the project sHPP Krupa, particularly because of a series of failures and lack of key data for assessing the effects of the planned hydropower plants on the environment of the river Krupa, Velebit Nature Park. Professional guidance park also is against the construction of SHP.

Private investor, namely, plans to build a hydroelectric power 1.6 MW, dammed river dam 1.5 m high and 45 m long, to divert the river flow by pipeline through the hill to the turbine, a distance of 170 m, edit the bottom of the river in an area of ​​2,000 square meters and create an underground channel that would connect to the hydropower substation, according to

Implementation of these works is a significant intervention in the canyon of the river Krupa, provided that the investor does not plan new access roads in this very difficult terrain, but the work is planned to run with the help of helicopters, said Tibor Mikuška, project manager of the Croatian Association for the Protection of Birds and Nature.

Warns that the investor certainly not for a moment did he wondered about the impact of the noise of helicopters, the vortex of air and exhaust gases to the nature and wildlife of this protected area, as well as to all canceled and the very purpose and concept of protected areas.

In the name of Eco pana Denis Frančišković strongly opposes the use of the river Krupa in hydroelectric purposes and reminiscent of their recent experience with the Mrežnica River and waterfall Šušnjar, where he built a small hydropower Beaver Valley “that caused the degradation of the site and defaced the landscape”.

This example shows that as soon as the building permit and build a small hydropower investor to quickly forget about the conservation of nature and the environment while the Croatian government and the responsible institutions should not even consider such projects, concluded Frančišković.

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