Elektroprivreda HZ HB invests in the wind farm

Elektroprivreda HZ HB invests in the wind farm

Panel: "A strategic approach to investing in the energy sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina" was the central event of the conference part of the fair "Energy", which was opened yesterday in Tuzla. Prof. dr. Edin Delic, the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering, University of Tuzla, moderator of the panel on which discussed the evolution of the transmission network in BiH, investment cycles of capital investments in power companies and the plans of modernization of coal mines, said that the key problem in strategic investment in the energy sector, the absence of energy strategy in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I hope that this will be one way to draw attention to the necessity of adopting a strategy that will show how much energy you need per day, from which sources we provide that energy, that industry will accordingly develop. Elektroprivreda and other entities in the energy sector can not give an answer, but it is a question of policy throughout BiH, which urgently need to act “, said Dedic.

In this field are made some progress said Admir Softic from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, stating that the absence of a national strategy aggravating factor for investors and limiting other entity which are thus deprived of significant funds from predpristunih funds.

Senad Salkic, executive director for capital investments EP BiH, spoke about the investment plans of EP BiH in the next three years, with special emphasis on capital investment in new facilities, cogeneration – heating towns near the TE facilities.

Miroslav Nikolic, head of development for renewable and energy efficiency of JP Elektroprivreda HZ HB dd Mostar. Has pointed out that in this company have significant investment plans in production and distribution electricity facilities, and in the three years to the different phases of work on as many as 35 projects.

“The most important project is a wind farm in the area of Duvno, where we will have 22 wind turbines at 2.3 megawatts of power, which have already completed construction contracts. Yesterday he signed a contract on the construction of access roads, which should be built until the spring of next year, when you start the installation of wind farms. Pumping hydroelectric power plants ‘Vrilo’ in the municipality of Tomislavgrad should be completed by 2023, followed by the construction of wind farms ‘Poklecani’ in Posusje. the project of construction of the mine and thermal power plants ‘Kongora’ because of the resistance of the NGO organizations and the local population is currently stalled. When it comes to the distribution system, there are planned investments of 150 million KM “, said Nikolic.

On the second day of the fair, on Wednesday, 8 June / July 2016. As the central conference topics are: “The European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) – the perspective of emissions trading” and “Energy efficiency in buildings – a generator of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and the presentation of the project ” energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BEEP) “.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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