Energis at the fair “Be a volunteer”

Energis at the fair “Be a volunteer”

At the fair, "Be a volunteer" which was 04/06/2016. in Sarajevo, organized by the Mosaic Foundation in cooperation with the US Embassy in BiH, presented more than 40 NGOs from Bosnia and Herzegovina who are actively working in the service of society and continuous volunteer activities to build an open, democratic environment based on activism, solidarity, cohesion and trust.

The fair visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the mission and work so far, and the possibility of volunteering in the Association – Center for Education and Raising Awareness of Energy Efficiency – Energis, which began its work in 2010.

Energis has rewarded its visitors with notebooks, T-shirts, posters and stickers. Energis has not forgotten about the youngest visitors, and the little ones were given away coloring books and crayons.


“The success of these NGOs is up to you, the citizens of this country. These groups can fight for change, to demand the implementation of existing laws and to lobby for better, but progress will not come if Bosnians do not fit with them and do not support their objectives”,  said US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Maureen Cormack welcoming the activists of these organizations and citizens who pay tribute to the activities of civil society in BiH.


Fair volunteers and non-governmental organizations and maintain it in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and welcomed the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komsic. He stressed that young people with their work, enthusiasm and creativity can rebuild our society.

“Therefore, the future of this country related to you, children and young people and for all that what you will do and the values that cultivate through its various activities”, said Komšić.



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