The Energy Community Treaty that was signed in Athens on 25 October 2005 represents the achievement of the largest internal market for electricity and gas in the world, with effectively 34 participating parties: the 25 European Union Member States and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and UNMIK Kosovo.

Negotiations with Turkey are ongoing. Moldova, Ukraine and Norway have applied to join, but for the moment are observers. The signing of the treaty is the conclusion of the Athens process which started in 2002 when the European Commission brought forward proposals for the creation of a regional electricity market in South East Europe.

On 1 July 2006 the Treaty establishing the Energy Community entered into force. Ratification and deposit of the instrument has been executed by the European Union as well as the following Member States from the South East Europe:

Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Romania and Republic of Croatia as well as UNMIK – Kosovo.

Bosnia and Herzegovina ratified the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community by the Decision of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Ratification of the Treaty Establishing the Energy Community (“Official Gazette of BiH – International contracts” No. 9/06), that was rendered by the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 27, 2006.