Energy efficient house with pellet as source of heating

Energy efficient house with pellet as source of heating

House around Munich that meets all its energy needs by burning high pressed chopped wood.

House in Dorfen of 150 square meters, whose project is signed by Wolfertstetter architecture, at first glance does not look too warm primarily due to the huge glass facade of about 60m². However, things are quite different. The glass surface faces the southwest, from where comes the biggest influx of solar energy, and secondly, it is a triple windows made of combination of wood-alumina.
Due to the high insulation effect of the wooden structure in combination with the wood wool insulation boards along with a triple glazing a KFW 40 standard has been achieved. The building is heated via a firewood pellet hybrid furnace which supplies both the domestic hot water preparation, as well as the underfloor heating via a buffer. Rounding out the overall ecological concept with a central ventilation system with heat recovery and geothermal heat exchanger as well as a solar collectors on the roof for heating support.
About 90 tons of CO2 have been withdrawn in the long run of the atmosphere and stored in the house in the approximately 90m³ built construction timber alone. The material wood produced in its production no emissions, energy consumption for the processing of the building material is reduced to the transport, as opposed to the energy-intensive production of cement or bricks.
As for the architecture of the building, the ground floor is designed as an open space without obstacles and barriers where there is a bathroom with access for the disabled. On the floor is the bedroom block that offers a great view of the valley thanks to the large windows.

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