EU sets stringent targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

EU sets stringent targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

The European Union has proposed a new national targets to drastically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030 to meet the promises made on the climate summit in Paris. The greatest burden of the new plans fall to Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Britain, France and Austria.

These plans are part of the European bloc’s efforts to fulfill the promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels.

According to the draft proposal, UK, as the second largest emitter of harmful gases in Europe after Germany, should reduce pollution by 37% by 2030 compared to levels in 2005, which is significantly more than most other member states.

Germany should reduce pollution by 38% and France 37%. They were also proposed the more stringent targets for reducing emissions in Luxembourg and Sweden.

Bulgaria is the only EU country which has not been requested to change the targets.

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