FBiH Government allocates 2 million KM for environmental policy

FBiH Government allocates 2 million KM for environmental policy

The federal government has adopted a program of expenditure of funds transfer to the Action Plan Strategy Environment for 2016 in the amount of 2 million KM.

In order to implement the Action Plan of the Federal Environmental Protection Strategy (2008-2018.) The Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism prepares annual programs for the implementation of priority projects.

For the co-financing of projects for the construction of infrastructure, procurement of vehicles, equipment and installations for municipal waste management in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 has planned 1,100,000 KM, and users are municipalities in the Federation.

To support regional sanitary landfills for municipal waste management plans is 300,000 KM, and for them can compete with companies that manage the regional sanitary landfills or regional centers for waste management. For co-financing nature conservation provided 400,000 KM, and users can be established institutions managing protected natural areas in the territory of the Federation.

In order to raise awareness about the environment in the Federation planned 100,000 KM, and users can be non-governmental organizations dealing with the protection of the environment. The same amount will be allocated to finance the cost of assistance for the rehabilitation of environmental damage which users can be all subjects from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina that need emergency funds to prevent, stop or repair of any damage caused and the environment to its original state.

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