FBiH Government supported the energy bill at the state level

FBiH Government supported the energy bill at the state level

The Federal Government has adopted the information about activities related to the harmonization of legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the so-called. Third Energy Package in the part referring to the case of ECS 8/11 and the Decision on sanctions for the country.

The federal government has supported the draft of national energy law, which was submitted to the Energy Community Secretariat as a basis for further harmonization and state laws.

Federation Government considers that the agreed text of the draft state law must be consistent and harmonized with the BiH Constitution and the constitutional competencies of BiH institutions.

The federal government accepts the obligation to draft and adopt entity laws in the field of natural gas, which will transfer the entirety of the Third Energy Package, and which will be harmonized with the state law, following the adoption of the state law, and in accordance with the terms of the attached Action Plan.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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