Fuss about Jablanica lake

Fuss about Jablanica lake

In the last few days, many media reported the tragic news Jablanica lake dried up, but the truth is far from it.

The best answer to all that is happening around Jablanica lake gave Jelena Kalinic. In this article a statement:

Since I see that all this furious about Jablanica lake: yes, the ugly picture. However, as I understand it and as I inquired with people on a lake, and Electric Power Authority of accumulation had to do it to avoid drying up in the lower courses, accumulation is not ownership of them and not a natural ecosystem. The desert that you have seen on the footage of Al Jazeera will be renewed with a little luck, if snow and rain. Do not cry too much for a population of perch – this is not a fish that belongs to the Neretva river basin. The station is in Jablanica in the early eighties, and that was done by unscrupulous fishermen.It turned out that the perch competition indigenous and endemic Neretva softmouthed trout which was suppressed. However, anglers have persistently continued restocking perch. Unfortunately, after this, populations of perch has been destroyed, as well as other fish, and that the perch, in addition to carp, became practically the only fish in the lake, so will the lake, and when it was full, be empty and dead. However, I think that here it is not a human factor – these are experienced people, good dispatchers who are able to assess the situation and opt for the lesser evil in a given situation. The drought, which has been the cause of all this, the result is something that stubbornly refuse to accept – a consequence of climate change drought our area and the real desert.

I know that the picture of Dried Up Lake has hit you, because it reminds you of the apocalypse and the fear that the country, rich in water, will remain without water. Your fears are justified, but this is a special case: the accumulation of Jablanica Lake, lest we forget, the work of human hands and is owned by the Electric Power Industry Federation. If the people who work there decided that the accumulation must be emptied, it is not without reason: such things are done in order to prevent a greater evil. I’m pretty sure that dispatchers EP on Jablanica know their job, although we believe that it is all over the state companies employed bad when. Do so generalized thing. Al Jazeera has made a huge mistake in the race for sensationalism – no statements of people from the EP. It is possible that the statements requested, but not received. Error EP is that it did not give notice, leading to the socialist way of managing resources in a new era when the public seeking information.

The public is initiated teorijema conspiracy, reacted spontaneously and accused the EP for the destruction of the lake (scenario “corporations vs. citizenship” in which corporations are always evil). However, few people actually understand how it operates one accumulation and what leads to such unpopular decisions.

Reacted have some NGOs, which otherwise do their job, but here they reacted irrationally.

According to some information (thanks to Mr. Samir crusty on FB), game wardens are not worried – fish retreated to the upper part of the reservoir, where there is water, so that even this population of non-native species are not in such danger.

Al Jazeera has made a one-amateur fishermen in a boat on the part of the lake that has dried up, made a sensational news without consultation with experts and the public are led.

No one was too concerned when he messed with natural Prokoško lake, nobody much cares about Hutovo mud or water sources around Sarajevo (and not just Sarajevo). A routine procedure that is carried out in order to avoid a greater misery is demonized in our media and on social networks.

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