Germany Has Purchased Zero Emissions Trains That Only Throw Out Steam

Germany Has Purchased Zero Emissions Trains That Only Throw Out Steam

With the world becoming more polluted and individuals, corporations and governments looking at new and innovative ways to help the environment, French company Alstom has unveiled its latest invention - a train that has zero emissions and only throws out steam. And 14 of these have already been bought by Germany, to be used in Lower Saxony. This will be the first time ever that a hydrogen powered train takes passengers over long distances.

The Coradia iLint (not sure why everything has to have an i), is sustainable and friendly for the planet, and could be a sign of things to come for the future.

Alstom’s website states that although a lot of trains are powered electrically, Germany still currently has around 4,000 that run on diesel. The Coradia iLint (still really think they could have come up with a better name), will be rolled out towards the end of 2017 in saxony, with tests beginning as soon as December of this year.

Here’s an eye-opening video that explains how the train runs and is a very interesting watch.

If they prove successful, more will be rolled out throughout Germany, Die Welt reports.

It goes at a decent pace, too, with a top speed of 87 miles per hour.

The train is powered by lithium ion batteries, which in turn get their energy from a hydrogen fuel tank, placed on the roof. It’s also very quiet, and should be a more comfortable travelling experience.

It can run for around 450 miles per day and there has also reportedly been interest in the innovation in Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands, while, in Blightly, rail companies are currently spending all their time and resources on working out how much more they can charge us next year.

Is this the future, or just a fad? I’m plumping for the former. Leave your opinions in the comments section.

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