Global warming brings extreme weather

Global warming brings extreme weather

Climatologists are concerned by the frequent weather extremes that are conditioned by climate change.

One of impossible missions such as stopping the wars in the world and the eradication of hunger is also preventing global warming. This topic has become an almost inexhaustible source of motivation for the establishment of new regulations and laws, and the movement of world trends and policies.

The theory of global warming is supported by arguments, however, still can not be determined with certainty how much the consequences directly reflect. This topic is in the professional circles of water heated debate.

Meteorological records

In recent years we have witnessed large-scale meteorological deviations, some of which we hosted on home soil.

“The weather conditions in the region have always been changing and it should not be surprising, the fact which raises concern about the global rise in temperatures and frequent occurrence of extreme conditioned by climate change. Our planet releases the increased amount of energy and therefore are energy charges in the atmosphere increased, “says Zeljko Majstorovic, climatologist.

Globally, there is a pronounced variability of time characteristics and frequency of record. In meteorology, the oscillation parameters and any records such as extremes in temperature, wind and precipitation, are extremely unpleasant.

In fact, the variability of climatic conditions is a problem that in each country differently manifests, here it is evidenced by sudden changes in weather conditions. In the oceanic countries it is manifested through rising sea levels, and in countries that have geographically positioned closer to the poles, climate changes are manifested through the melting ice.

“In our area, namely, the emergence of unfavorable long drought followed by intense rainfall that could bring floods and natural disasters. In recent years, we were able to see with our own eyes , it is continuously recorded how much global warming takes its toll in agricultural production, “said Majstorovic.

In the previous period the dirty rain were common. Note that dirt is actually of local character and that comes from direct open pit or dirt from the ground.

Also, one of the assumptions was that due to late spring and almost explosive flourishing vegetation, blurry content precipitation comes from the pollen.

Regional media carried warnings about contaminated rainfall whose contents are in fact of volcanic origin, but could not specify the particular site that threw ash into the atmosphere.

Part of the Sahara in the Balkans

The last theory is that the dirty rain is caused by Saharan sands. In layman’s terms, this explanation is illogical act, because we are in a completely different climate zone, and again, Sahara, synonymous with the cruelty of nature, a few thousand miles away from our region.

But for the meteorological phenomena Sahara is not far away, on the contrary, is located in our neighborhood. And this spring we hosted several major cyclones that resulted in heavy rainfall of dirty rain.

Impurities in precipitation greatly depend on the locations where they occur, but also of the climate patterns that exist on the ground. Therefore, dirty rain may have different origins, but when we talk about current events, it is evident that the presence of impurities with the Saharan soil.

“The emergence of dirty rain is nothing new for this teritory, always has been, but not more than once during the year. We are a Mediterranean country, and this is the sand from the Sahara. Desert Storm cause large amounts of sand into the air and causing dust continental areas. To us rainfall are coming from the direction of Africa, and they are launched by a strong southern flow. The air moving from the north of Africa is very dry and very warm, which by flowing over the Mediterranean Sea begins to accumulate large amounts of moisture resulting from evaporation of sea water. In this way, a warm dry wind becoming moist and in contact with the regional mountains moisture is released form of rain, “said Bakir Krajinovic, an associate in the field of applied meteorology.

Because of the size of the disorder southern currents coats large amounts of sand from the Sahara area. When we say disorder, think of the well-established meteorological term meaning a conflict of cyclones and anticyclones.

“Cyclones that dominate in our part of the planet are air currents which rotate in the direction opposite to clockwise until the air movement at anticyclone takes place in the clockwise direction. Cyclone brings nice and sunny weather while anticyclone brings rainfall. In our moderate climate zone present these two vortices of which depends on when we expect rain, and when sunny weather, “explained climatologist Zeljko Majstorovic.

The dirty rain does not constitute a departure from the established climatic characteristics of the region, however, the incidence and forms of precipitation open topic for discussion in the field of climatology.

The threat of El Nino

Overseas ground in recent history have been targeted by the extreme climate of legality which have caused enormous material damage and claimed many lives. It is the climatic phenomenon called El Nino.

“El Nino is a key factor in the formation of weather conditions in the United States, Australia, parts of China, India and the African continent. El Nino is unpredictable, which is described in the title of the phenomena, and literally means’ playful boy. This air deviation brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens. In normally dry areas rainfall caused floods , and in the territories which are abundant with rain, the drought occurred. This is just one manifestation of the consequences of global warming, “said Majstorovic.

It is not yet proven that the climate phenomenon El Nino may have an impact on the weather in the region, but there are indications that indirectly affects the factors that form the climatic conditions in the region.

All the world’s research suggests that global warming is underway, and it is impossible to stop it. What is possible is to raise general awareness about the basics of climatology and preparation of local infrastructure for scenarios of natural disasters.

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