Here comes the the movable charger for electric vehicles

Here comes the the movable charger for electric vehicles

The result of collaboration between Eurotech and FreeWire Technologies, a mobile charger for electric cars will soon be placed at various locations throughout Italy.

“Mobi Charger” was made in three variants, and can be used at all locations where it is necessary to temporarily or occasionally charging electric vehicles.

The company FreeWire Technologies reported that this charger will be able to simultaneously charge multiple vehicles, and will be placed in office buildings, public areas or in shopping malls.

Roberto Sigari, CEO of Eurotech, notes: “Charging electric cars is a growing need in our society. By providing a flexible solution MOBILE CHARGER we are able to meet these growing needs in a fast, efficient and flexible way that is tailored indeed all types of locations and also customers of electric vehicles reduce worry about where to recharge their vehicle. “

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