Highest passive “houses” in the world will soon be completed

Highest passive “houses” in the world will soon be completed

The new skyscraper that rises on Roosevelt Island will soon become the world's highest passive house. In fact, this high-rise residential tower will be to live on the students and staff of the new school campus of Cornell Tech University, and designed by architects from the studio Handel in cooperation with Hudson.

Jennifer Klein with Cornell Tech, said: “We wanted this building to be as innovative as possible and to reflect the personality and academic goals of our campus. Academic goals are a new kind of education that combines innovation and their commercialization, and is therefore very clear that and all the buildings on campus must be innovative, unique and very exciting. ”

In this 80-meter skyscraper at more than 26 floors will be located a total of 352 residential units, all of which will be fully made in accordance with the standards of passive housing in order to provide significant energy savings, but also a healthy and comfortable living space for tenants. In addition to compliance with the high standards of energy efficiency, residential tower will itself produce the necessary energy with geothermal and solar energy, a year will save about 882 tons of CO2.

Students and teachers will be able to live in housing units of various sizes, from one-bedroom apartments to 3-bedroom apartments, and the board will have a large recreation room with kitchen, game room and dining room and views of Manhattan and Queens.

The building will be officially opened in the summer of 2017, when they will receive a certificate and passive houses, thus officially become the highest passive house in the world.

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