How much indeed we spend on charging smartphones

How much indeed we spend on charging smartphones

Learn how much kWh, how much money we spend and how we harm the environment to recharge our cell phones.

In order to come up with an answer to this question, a very interesting test was made and measured in a few days exactly how much mobile devices plugged in the source of the electricity exactly consumed.

The price of one kilowatt-hours (kWh) is 7 cents according to the pricelist of Power Company of BiH, and the average smartphone consumes an average of a month between 120 and 150 watt hours (Wh), provided that it is continuously connected to the electricity supply. This means that cell phones annually consume about 1.5 kWh or 10,5 cents.

Of course, this is completely negligible, even if you have five or more devices. Negligible even if you do not have the original charger because it increases the price by about ten times and it’s on an annual basis yet only 1,05 euros, respectively, only 8,75 cents per month.

But the problem is if you look globally.

Worldwide, there are about two billion smartphone users and they have an average of 3.5 devices. It is enough if only ten percent of them, and this is 200 million, does not care about whether the device has been charged and should be switched off from the power source, and this leads to the futile spent hundreds of megawatt-hours per year in vain. A each kilowatt hour is equivalent to 450 grams of CO2 . This, of course, means that its harming the environment if we are wasting energy, and It costs nothing to watch and care little more about the environment!

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