HPP Visegrad achieved record production in 2016.

HPP Visegrad achieved record production in 2016.

HPP Visegrad this year produced 1,032 gigawatt hours of electricity, which is exceeded and rebalanced production plan, which is expected this will be among the top five production years in the past 27 years of hydroelectric power, told the director of the company Mile Lakic.

Rebalanced production plan for 2016 was 1,024.49 GWh of electricity, and it was by 20% higher than the originally planned production of 925 gigawatt hours of electricity, said Lakic.

He stated that the HPP Visegrad for 27 years of existence has produced 24,966 GWh of electricity.

– Hydrology this year was excellent distributed throughout the year, especially the month of November when it was more than 180% realization of the planned production – said Lakic.

He pointed out that the technical part of the production is realized at maximum capacity, but there are some financial problems.

– The share of electricity generated by the HPP Visegrad five times cheaper electricity prices for the domestic market, but for export, and in the meantime reduced the amount of electricity that is exported, so that we are in debt for 3.5 million KM annually – said Lakic.

He added that the biggest problem in business a high level of outstanding receivables from the Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Serbian, but with all these issues remain the most reliable and the most important producer and supplier of electricity in the Republic of Serbian.

Lakic added that during the realization of the biggest project since working HPP Visegrad, and that is the consolidation of the terrain below the dam body and the value of the project is about 6.3 mil KM.

– The works are going planned. We expect that by mid next year and this second phase of a successful conclusion – said Lakic.

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