If You Didn’t Know: Tesla Offering Free Charging Stations To Hotels, B&Bs, Etc.

If You Didn’t Know: Tesla Offering Free Charging Stations To Hotels, B&Bs, Etc.

As a means of rapidly growing its Destination Charging network, Tesla is currently offering free Tesla Chargers to qualifying vacation rental owners (as well as hotels, hostels, bed & breakfasts, etc). Would taking Tesla up on the offer for a free charger, and subsequent inclusion in the company’s Destination Charging network, be a means of boosting your vacation rental business (presuming you have one)?

An excellent, in-depth article on this subject was recently created, and brought to my attention through a post by “Sasmania” on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Here are some select excerpts from that article (which can be found here):

Tesla owners are affluent, and love to take free road trips on the Tesla SuperCharger network. However, once the travelers get to a destination like a typical vacation rental beach town or ski area they may have no place to charge their car at their final destination. This is where you, the smart VR owner, can grab these potential guests. If choosing between similar VR’s, they will pick the one with a Tesla charger every single time!

You can get your VR website listed on the Tesla website. This is HUGE. Not only does having a massive site like Tesla link to your site really boost your website’s ranking, but this is where Tesla owners go when researching where to stay before leaving on a trip. Additionally, anyone currently on a road trip will also see your listing on the large Tesla map in the car. Not only will you be on the same map as many exclusive 4 star Hotels, but you will be one of the very few vacation rentals on the map.

…Why do you think hotels were the first to offer Free Wifi? Because it was a small price to pay to attract a new customer that was paying good money for a room. With a Tesla Charger, you are also getting an excuse to market this unique amenity. Not only is it an extra perk, but it has a “Wow” factor and an eco-friendly factor that you can speak to as well.

The original article has a lot more details, so those with a vacation rental may want to take a closer look at it…. Those wanting to apply for a free Destination Charger can do so here https://www.teslamotors.com/destination-charging.

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