Ignored great potential: BiH sun is almost not used

Ignored great potential: BiH sun is almost not used

The biggest cause of enormous consumption of natural resources in BiH causes carbon dioxide (56 percent), consumption of wood industry by deforestation (14 percent), nine percent of consumption is produced on those areas intended for crops and 20 percent goes to the arable land, which is used for livestock activities.

This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for WWF (World Organization for the Protection of Nature) Adria Peter Boić Petrac recalling that almost all countries in the world, by signing the Paris agreement on climate change in Paris, agreed that by 2050 carbon emissions should be reduced to zero.

This is indicated, a very long and difficult task, which should be done Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Some countries are working on it, such as for example Costa Rica, which has in the first three months of this year 97 percent of its electricity produced from renewable sources. In China, the government developed a plan to reduce consumption of meat in its citizens by 50 percent, which will carbon dioxide emissions from China’s livestock industry to reduce one billion tons by 2030, “said Boić Petrac.

From 1998 until today Bosnia and Herzegovina has been in the ecological debt and has a 3.1 global hectares, which is 10,000 square meters.

– Do ecological debt is because the atmosphere emit more carbon dioxide than the oceans and forests can absorb, exerting fish stocks than you can reproduktirati and cut across the forest much more and faster than you can carefully grow – explains.

Carbon emissions are the fastest growing factor of excessive consumption and carbon footprint of humanity now accounts for 60 percent of the demand of humanity from nature.

– We must be aware that we need to spend smarter through lifestyle low footprint – sustainable consumption and healthy eating habits. Also, the company should produce better and reduce waste, while governments need sustainable manner, manage resources and increase energy production and renewable sources – said Boić Petrac.

She points out that “we are very poor with renewable energy”, stating that we have a small number of wind farms.

General claims to have ignored an excellent predisposition of the region in terms of solar energy because it is very sunny region, and the sun is almost no use.

“We need to preserve its natural capital, which means that we need to restore damaged ecosystems, to stop the loss of priority habitat and significantly expand protected areas,” said.

BiH has been with other regional countries signatory of the document “A great victory for Dinaric Arc”, which was adopted by all governments in 2013 at a conference in Budva.

“On this occasion, it was said that all countries must increase the number of protected areas and improve their management. In this regard, BiH gave various promises, that in the coming period should meet,” he said in a statement to news agencies WWF spokeswoman Adria Peter Boić Petrac.

To remind, in October 2015, WWF Adria has started a project called “protected areas for nature and people ‘(Protected Areas for Nature and People, PA4NP).

During the four years, WWF will in the region Dinara port to work with decision-makers on issues of nature protection, arguments, stating that all the values that make ecosystems involved in the development strategy of the government eight countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatian, Kosovo, Macedonia , Slovenia and Serbia.

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