In early 2017 starts the construction of 15 small hydro power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina – The investment value of 103.5 million KM

In early 2017 starts the construction of 15 small hydro power plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina – The investment value of 103.5 million KM

The development of the power sector of our country includes the construction of small hydropower plants and wind farms. This would result in creation of new jobs, but also increase the export of electricity.

The Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry for Factor said that in the last two years in FBiH built 12 small hydro power plants, and they are planning early next year, the construction of 15 small hydro power plants. The value of the planned project is 103.5 million KM.

– The Ministry of 1 May 2014 to 31 May 2016, received 33 requests, of which issued a total of 29 energy permits for the construction of hydro power plants in FBiH. It was built a total of 12 hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 16,093 MW megawatts, and expected annual production of 59,551 megawatt hour – explains Nermin Džindić relevant Minister.

He pointed out the project of construction of small hydropower plants on the river Neretvica in the realization of Elektroprivreda BiH.

– This project involves the construction of 15 mini hydroelectric power plants, which should be implemented in three phases. The total installed capacity of 24.5 MW. The planned annual production is 100 GWh (gigawatt hours). It is financed from its own funds and loans. The contract value is 103.5 million KM. Start of construction is 2017, and the completion of the entire project is planned for 2019 – explains Džindić.

He added that the preliminary designed and the main project for the small hydro power plant Srijanski bridge and Gorovnik estuary. The relevant federal ministry and received 12 applications for entry in the register of wind power projects that are planned for construction in the territory of FBiH, out of which ten of them showed interest private investors.

– Total installed capacity for the planned construction of wind power plants in FBiH is 641 MW, of which 538 MW refers to private investors, and 103 MW in the public companies. The application for the energy permit for the construction of wind farms have filed 11 companies. The ministry conducted the administrative procedure on the basis of completeness of the application, and issued four licenses – said Džindić for Factor.

He explains that otherwise productive power facilities fall into the category of complex buildings whose construction is under the jurisdiction of the Federation. He adds that for obtaining all necessary permits, approvals and other administrative decisions take a long time, especially when it comes to solving property and legal issues.

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