In Iceland, the CO2 emissions are converted into the rock

In Iceland, the CO2 emissions are converted into the rock

An international team of scientists in Iceland has developed a solution that could help in the fight against climate change and to the capture of CO2 and its injection underground where "caught" gas is transformed into rock.

The study related to this decision is published in the journal Science, the researchers in the study showed that CO2 that man releases into the air by using fossil fuels can be quickly and permanently trapped in volcanic rocks where it is converted into harmless minerals.

Instead of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and its injection into depleted oil and gas fields from which the captured gas could easily come back to the surface, the scientists decided to try the mineralization of carbon that is processing gas in the mineral carbonates. Until now it was thought that this type of mineralization is only possible through a process lasting several centuries, if not millennia, but scientists have found a way through which the gas can be converted into mineral in just two years.

During the implementation of the experiment of CO2 injected into the well at a depth of 400-800 meters, which consists of 90% basalt and is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, all elements which are necessary for the carbon mineralization.

Juerg Matter, author of the study, explains:

Results showed that 95 to 98% CO 2 was injected into the underground rocks become, which is incredibly fast process. This method will enable us to permanently store CO2 in an ecological way, and relies on the use of basalt, one of the most common types of rocks on Earth“.

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