In the region (Croatia) arrived first mobile phone with built-in thermal camera

In the region (Croatia) arrived first mobile phone with built-in thermal camera

Today in Zagreb was presented the first smartphone with built-in thermal camera. From next week it will be possible to obtain at the Croatian Telecom, and at a cost of slightly more than 1100 KM.

Cat S60, which was presented during the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona, arrives on the Croatian market. The first a smartphone in the world with built-in thermal camera. It contains a thermal imaging camera FLIR company that can detect heat loss around windows and doors, spot moisture and insulation, to determine overheating of electrical devices and assemblies to see in complete darkness.

The thermal camera displays heat invisible to the naked eye, stressing thermal contrasts. It can recognize the heat and measure the surface temperature at a distance of 15 to 30 meters and see through the dimming like smoke.

It can take photos, panoramas and movies, variable thermal color palette, and contains a temperature gauge point and information on the minimum and maximum average temperatures.

Therefore, there is a wide range of use for construction engineers, mechanical engineers, utility workers, sports fans, outdoor and emergency workers, as well as many others.

Cat S60 also is waterproof to a depth of five meters per hour, it can be used as an underwater camera. It can operate in temperatures from -20 to +120 degrees Celsius.

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