Introducing underwater eco “village” of the future

Introducing underwater eco “village” of the future

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has presented an ambitious series of underwater eco-villages in which would live tens of thousands of residents. His project Aequorea shows self-sustaining, spiral sea skyscrapers covered with mangrove forests, which extend to the bottom of the ocean.

Each sea skyscraper will be constructed from recycled plastic which floats around the Pacific Ocean. In addition to housing, the Aequorea will contain the scientific research laboratories, offices, hotels, sports fields and farmland.


Buildings of up to 250 floors will extend to a depth of 1,000 meters and for drinking desalinated water will be used. Microalgae should decompose organic waste, and the light would be received by bioluminescence.

Callebaut is already became famous with his eccentric projects which indicate possible future directions of the development of architecture. Thus, recently designed a building that resembles the wings of a butterfly or dragonfly. It is planned that this building be built on Roosevelt Island in New York the is expected to revolutionize the production of food in the cities.


Callebaut has introduced the plan of a sustainable floating city like the lotus flower, which should solve the problem of the growth of the global sea level. Buildings dragonfly his response to population growth.

“The number of urban dwellers will rise from the 2009th to 2025th with 3.1 billion to 5.5 billion people. Ecological city is trying to reintegrate agriculture through the restoration of natural resources and the biodegradable waste,” says Callebaut.


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