“Like for smart energy” project “Green Economic Development”

“Like for smart energy” project “Green Economic Development”

Educational and entertaining event whose slogan was "Like for smart energy" was held in Sarajevo.

This event within the “Green Economic Development was organized by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with its partnersthe Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the Swedish Embassy in BiH Fund for Environmental Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Fund for Environmental Protection and energy efficiency of the Republic of Serbian, organizers said.

Many visitors mingled with Professor Atom, protective face of the campaign “Like for smart energy”, and from him learned helpful tips and ways of smart use of energy. The youngest visitors were participating in the quiz “Znanjomat” winning interesting prizes and educational brochures on the efficient use of energy.

In this way, the aim is, among children and young people, to contribute to a better understanding of energy efficiency and the great importance that has for the environmental, financial savings and a safer future, organizers said.

The aim of the “Green Economic Development” is the establishment of energy management in public buildings in BiH and less spending public money on energy and water consumption, ensuring favorable conditions and financial mechanisms for investment in infrastructure, energy efficiency measures, while creatinggreen jobs.

“Energy resources and their exploitation are a major problem and it is time to begin to change the habits of the citizens on the use and consumption of energy. Energy efficiency is the interest of the whole community, and the role of citizens in this area is very important. The application of energy efficiency measures allows us to with resources that we achieve better results in the improvement of living standards and contribute to the achievement of energy and economic savings while preserving the environment, “said the director of the environmental protection Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fuad Čibukčić.

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