London: Do it yourself environmentally bicycle made of bamboo

London: Do it yourself environmentally bicycle made of bamboo

The future of the bicycle is ecological in materials and workmanship. Bicycle made at home from bamboo frames and components printed at home with the help of 3-D printer is the designer's dream brought together in collective Bamboo Bicycle Club, which is experimenting with new ways of production of bicycles.

The project, supported through a Kickstarter campaign, was presented at a workshop held recently at the Design Museum in London. Initiators of the idea of the project believe that soon there will be common to have 3-D printer at home and will build a framework to stand around a tenth of the current price of regular production of the frame.

In current versions of prototypes are made of carbon fiber, but future models could be made of composite materials such as flax, which would bike could be completely recycled and composted.

Bamboo Bicycle Club offers the “do it yourself” package for the construction of a bicycle made of bamboo at a price of 260 euros. The kit consists of a tube of bamboo, drive shaft and all other components necessary to produce a functional bike. As soon as 3-D printing systems are available to everyone, the designers have announced lowering production costs and time associated with the bike. Thus, the bike could be made for around 150 euros, and in only 24 hours instead of the current 40 hours.

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