Mak Kamenica: BiH will miss investment potential of five billion BAM!

Mak Kamenica: BiH will miss investment potential of five billion BAM!

The investment potential in energy efficiency measures in BiH is about five billion marks. This is an area that provides a development opportunity for our country, because a large part of the money to be invested in energy efficiency measures remain in BiH. Stated by Mak Kamenica, Deputy Director of USAID's investment and energy sector.

Letter from the Ambassador

On the eve of New Year’s ambassadors of the US, the UK, Germany and Sweden, EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Resident Representative of the UN Development Programme in our country sent to the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament a letter seeking the adoption of this law. But instead, the leaders of the House of Peoples this point are prolonged for 12 January.

– It is difficult to make an accurate estimate of how much has been lost in the financial sense, but the fact is that it has already wasted too much time, as the ambassadors stated in their letter. We have not yet made no basic step, and that is the adoption of laws on energy efficiency. With Law we will create the conditions and framework for action in the field of energy efficiency. USAID will continue to help to develop the necessary mechanisms to finance measures in this area – said Kamenica.

The obligations for the EU

As the basic advantages for citizens and the economy, states reduced energy costs, and saving money. By investing in energy efficiency measures, such as, for example, insulation of houses, as he says, it is possible to save almost half of the money that is used for heating. He added that the economy, especially the activities engaged in the production of materials and equipment for energy efficiency and construction and service activities in this field, and have extra features that significantly increase their capacity, hire new people, thus initiating the entire development cycle.

He also pointed out the obligations through Directive of the European Union for member countries of the Energy Community, including the BiH.

Protection against pollution

– Of course, energy efficiency has the general social advantage, because it significantly reduces emissions of harmful gases. Energy efficiency is one of the basic measures of protection against excessive air pollution that is present in cities across the country – said Kamenica.

This Thursday will be before the House of Peoples of the Federation found a law on energy efficiency of the Federation, which is very important, which is the fourth time on the agenda. Lets hope it will be passed!

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