Man from Gorazde showed that sure profit comes from the investment in solar panels

Man from Gorazde showed that sure profit comes from the investment in solar panels

China is the world record holder for investing in solar power, but also the cost-effectiveness of the installation of solar panels has been recognized by the citizens of BiH.

One of them is Azem Bujak from Gorazde, owner of “Bahen construction”, who has in his native village invested 500,000 KM in the installation of 600 solar panels. Electricity, which is obtained from these panels for two years now is supplying the local population in Gorazde town.

As Bujak said in an interview with, this type of long-term investment is very cost-effective, because it was already after seven years can expect a complete return on investment.

“The production is higher in summer because of the sunny periods, but when you take into account the whole year, I am satisfied. There is an operator, thus firm to which are issued invoices. Regular inflows of money. This energy has the same price as the standard, but the advantage of renewable energy is that it has a subsidy, and it is regulated by law, “said Bujak for

However, like many other investors in BiH, Bujak faces problems for administrative nature, or the cumbersome administration in BiH.

“I want to build another much larger power plant of 800 kilowatts. There would be 3,200 panels. However, with this project, everything stopped this year because of the paperwork that the biggest problem. It is necessary to obtain various permits from three levels of government. This slows investment. It is easiest to do somethingbut the most difficult to deal with the administration, “said Bujak.

Existing power plants with 600 panels with a capacity of 150 kilowatts and produces energy for Gorazde place that is not harmful to the environment, unlike some other sources from which supplying have, and which pollute the air.

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