More beautiful city and a healthy environment – By 2020, planned to set up underground containers at 80 locations around the Sarajevo Canton

More beautiful city and a healthy environment – By 2020, planned to set up underground containers at 80 locations around the Sarajevo Canton

In BiH are slowly being made the first steps in an efficient and environmentally aware municipal infrastructure. Kakanj, Sarajevo, Zenica are pioneers in setting up the first underground containers, which have provided a motive for the other municipalities to embark on this project.

Kakanj in September this year set up the first underground containers, and all the realized local forces. How then said municipal representatives, and costs were high, and expect that this type of waste very much to change the image of Kakanj and thus stimulate the citizens to dispose of waste properly. It is planned to set up containers at 14 locations.

In September this year and Sarajevo, namely the municipality of Novo Sarajevo, received the first underground containers. The project was implemented KJKP Work and company Ekopak. There are four containers for separation of waste – glass, paper and metal and a container for other waste. At this location there used to be eight conventional containers of 9,000 liters, and now there are 4 with a capacity of 3,000 liters.

According to eKapija spokesman Rada Mirza Ramic, but at first works were held and experiences in the region, in order to avoid negative consequences. For example, in Serbia has raised these containers at 1,900 locations, and after six months, 50% of them were out of order. Unlike the installation of hydraulic container like those in Serbia, Sarajevo decide to mechanical. The first condition of whom had to be taken into account climatic conditions.

– The day before commissioning, our team has carried out a test with artificial rain to check whether water leakage, which was not the case – says Ramic.

The experts were asked to rate which locations are suitable, because it must take into account the height paramater of 7 meters and 4 meters room to maneuver, and that no underground installations.

– We decided to mechanical containers, because they have protection against spillage of waste when it is inserted, there is no maniuplacija waste and do not spread neugodini smells – says Ramic.

As a particularly important points out that the selection of waste in these containers, the ability to recycle waste that is intended for it, because it would otherwise be unusable. Since that day in Canton Sarajevo postpone the 6,000 tons of waste, it is extremely important to take into account already in the primary selection of waste, and will therefore work on raising awareness among citizens.

– As for maintenance, the duty of the municipality of Novo Sarajevo is to remove barriers to refuse collection could freely approach the container and to enable efficient discharge. One vehicle already exists, and it is expected that the Cantonal Ministry to obtain another.

The first underground containers in Sarajevo opened by hand, as they are with a foot drive were expensive, and no thought to their purchases, says Ramic.

Yesterday it was announced that the municipality of Stari Grad get these containers and in Safvet beg Bašagića and Bistrik, four at both locations.

By 2020 it is expected that in 80 locations in Sarajevo Canton will be placed underground containers, and some will be polupodzemni.

Experiences from Zenica

Recently, the company Alba set the first four underground containers in Zenica, and the plan is that this city has 50 such kontejenera.

– Opening the cover the foot, there is no odor, the rain may not wet waste, it is easier to discharge from the outer container, and the waste is dumped in ecological bags – allegations the company Alba.

From these types of containers is not possible improper removal of waste from the bag, and there is no leakage of the contents.

From Alba also explained that the containers quickly and easily installed, easy to use, and have the ability to measure and record the amount of waste in the container, and the ease in sorting waste.

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