Nusmir Mekić from Tuzla made wind power plant project that will reduce the amount of electricity bills

Nusmir Mekić from Tuzla made wind power plant project that will reduce the amount of electricity bills

Nusmir Mekic, golden student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, won the award for the most popular design in the global startup competition of ideas in Denmark with 7,300 votes. His idea was to make a small wind farm, which will all be able to afford and that will help all the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This successful young Tuzlak says that the biggest problem of wind power price, and therefore is working to replace expensive parts cheaper, but better, and adapt them to the work of wind farms.

“The goal is to have a device that will each be able to purchase and set up to your house in order to reduce the electricity bill or completely ‘earned’. In addition we also have a big impact on our environment and reduce pollution by large individual cities in BiH. otherwise, it is a global startup competition of ideas organized by Ventura Cup in cooperation with the joint Danish universities. the competition brings together the best ideas for starting a business, where they are attended by representatives of the world’s great universities and international representatives, “said Mekic who currently resides in Denmark, where he is attending various workshops and competitions.

He added that in addition to the above the competition there are other people around the world who have had enough good idea to go into the second round of the 50 finalists.

Competitors are usually divided into six categories, and the winner of each category receives 5,000, while one of these winners receive an additional $ 20,000.

“The competition is an amazing experience because I met a lot of great people, but also made contacts that we can help in the realization of ideas and future career, so called. Mentors,” adds the young Bosnian. Innovator.

On October the Danish Crown Princess Mary were awarded the prize to the most successful young innovators, among whom was the BH. Representative Nusmir Mekic.

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