Opened the first charge station for electric vehicles in BiH

Opened the first charge station for electric vehicles in BiH

The hotel Courtyard Marriott today opened the first charge station for electric vehicles in Sarajevo. This charging station will be available only to guests of their hotel.

According Ajla shrimp, Sales and Marketing Manager of this hotel, in this way they wanted to enrich the offer of the hotel and the city of Sarajevo.

” The hotel supports the use of renewable energy sources, and as part of its dedication to social responsibility and environmental protection they realized this project, ” she said.

She added that on this bottling plant built two Mode 3 Type 2 connector for charging electric vehicles, as required under Directive 2014/94 / EC and standard IEC 62196-2.

She stated that the most important benefits of using motordriven vehicles increased energy security through reducing dependence on imported oil, reducing CO2 emissions, noise and fuel costs.

As the multiple cost-effective use of electric vehicle illustrated by the fact that for the time from Sarajevo to Tuzla, electric car, spent electricity in the amount of 1 KM.

The project was developed in cooperation with Elektroprivreda BiH, the authorized operator of the distribution network in the Federation, and the Municipality of Centar Sarajevo who have supported this project.

Cedomir Lukic, Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton, said that there is still no initiative for the introduction of such filling stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but the application for membership of the EU is a kind of incentive to go into this kind of thing in the future. “We want to make a step forward in this area, especially when it comes to Sarajevo, that there are problems with air pollution. It is necessary to initiate action to bring legislation to ensure implementation of these bottlers ”, said Lukic for

Armin Imamovic, CEO of Per Aspera, who are representatives, distributors and service of the filling stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that he hopes these bottling plants take hold in Bosnia and Herzegovina and that we will follow the example of Croatia, which already has some twenty bottler.

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