“Pero” to build the first solar power plant in Zenica

“Pero” to build the first solar power plant in Zenica

"Pero" Zenica doo on the roof of his office building Center for the construction and home furnishing BOJIN VIR Zenica builds photovoltaic solar power plant "Pero 1" power 119 kWp. The planned annual production is 139,000 kWh.

The value of the investment is 250,000 KM. Completion and commissioning is expected in December of 2016.

In such plants, the solar energy collected by solar panels in an environmentally friendly manner is converted into electrical energy. All the energy produced will be sent to the electric power grid Elektroprivreda BiH and sold at a guaranteed incentive prices (of 2018) over the next 12 years. In addition to an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity, these projects are very profitable.

This will be an opportunity for pupils, students, and interested citizens Zenica see how it looks and how the solar power plant in reality.

In addition, the “PEN” will in their centers for construction and home furnishing retail and large, and small household solar systems, both for electricity generation and for the production of hot water. Since this is a relatively new technology, will be provided assistance and advice in the design and construction of these systems. The aim is that these projects are the maximum available and easily feasible for a greater number of customers and investors.

While this is not the biggest investment project in the “PEN-in”, all are especially happy and proud of this project because it promotes ecology, energy efficiency, business excellence and sustainable development, which, according to their expectations, should be the features of a new, čestitijeg, vedrijeg, sunčanijeg time for Bosnia and Herzegovina and even the whole world, according to the website of the company.

Renewable Energy Projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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