Plant Banja Luka to get another 3.5 million KM for the purchase of fuel oil by the end of winter

Plant Banja Luka to get another 3.5 million KM for the purchase of fuel oil by the end of winter

Mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic will seek approval of the City to make a decision that he will be granted a compensation contract conclusion, cession, debt assumption or guarantee the amount of 3.5 million KM to be provided with sufficient quantities of fuel oil for heat delivery by the end of this winter.

This decision shall be considered by councilors at a meeting on January 31 and she followed the letter of 12 January Toplane when approached City Administration asking for help because of the possibility of a power of heating oil, and therefore the heat in the city.

Deputy Mayor Srdjan Amidžić said that this is only one of a series of guarantees that the city provided a heating plant to be completed this heating season.

– This decision will help to provide security of supply of heat and provides a wider range of options for action of the mayor. What will it take measures, will depend on each individual situation. There is the possibility of compensation, cession, guarantees or debt assumption. Also, Plant has recently sent the largest debtors warning for debt collection and this decision is a step that allows the mayor to get involved in this work and assist in the collection of claims for unpaid bills – said Amidžić.

He said that the current amount of fuel oil will be sufficient until mid-February, and that, according to estimates, by the end of the season takes another 8,500 tons of fuel oil.

According to recent data, Plant claimed about 29 million KM, of which public enterprises and institutions owed about 6 million KM. Plant heated more than 20,000 consumers, and an average of 15% fail to fulfill their obligations regularly.


At an extraordinary session of the Assembly of 27 December last year, unanimously adopted the decision to Toplani be given a guarantee for a loan of 5 million KM for the purchase of fuel oil to Banja Luka in the middle of winter would not be left without heating. The city is giving guarantee of 5 million KM managed to solve the problem of heating for part of the season, but due to the weather conditions, it is not enough.

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