Possibilities of using biomass in BiH are not nearly used

Possibilities of using biomass in BiH are not nearly used

BiH has great potential for use of biomass potential, but none are used, it was said at the conference organized by FIPA the Italian company Pyrox where he presented the advanced technology in this field.

Gordan Milinić, FIPA Director, said that the expectations of the project of energy efficiency by using cogeneration from biomass big as 150 million euros should be invested in about 40 municipalities in BiH.

He points out that it is good news that the investments in the first quarter of this year increased to twice and that he hopes that the activities such as the use of biomass to contribute to the further continuation of this trend. He said that progress, both developed countries and developing countries, reflected in the security of energy supply.

He points out that energy has become a key to economic progress of a country, and that BiH should go towards increasing the share of energy use from renewable sources.

Nedjeljko Mlađenović, Mayor of Bratunac, says the municipality has already created the conditions for use of these sources for heating residential buildings in the municipality and that await investors.

Zdravko Acimovic, CEO of Alfa Invest Sarajevo, says that the use of cogeneration plants achieve that is with a small amount of wood waste at the same time produces electrical and thermal energy.

“For this technology is used exclusively wood waste any energy value, since this technology works on the basis of the drawing of synthetic gas from timber. Unlike other technologies, this has a higher efficiency because it uses less wood chips for greater energy production. This process does not is created so that the ecological aspect very pihvatljivo, he said.

He says that by the end of the year should have a project in the documentation that is linked to the financing model. “Practically speaking, the investment of 3 to 4,500,000 euros per municipality can make a profit around one million euros per year which means that it would be worth it for four years,” he said.

Fahrudin Kulic, an energy consultant USAID -this project concerning the use of biomass potential in BiH, says that the biomass potential that exist in BiH is much higher than planned entity action plans. It states that the models of energy efficiency by using cogeneration from biomass are the best because of their local communities have the greatest benefit, writes akta.ba.

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